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A new version (v. 2.13) of the software is available!


  • It is possible to use convex arrays and to exploit additional keyboard shortcut keys during real-time operations.
  • The user can capture the content of the application window and record it into standard AVI video files (video recording) or review the B-Mode images from the acquired raw (I/Q) data (B-Mode video browser).
  • Three options have been introduced, to extend the functionality of the system in terms of transmission power and acquisition capabilities. In particular, for applications requiring probe excitations Beyond the standard 24 Vpp range, ULA-OP can be equipped with a specific analog board employing high voltage square-wave transmitters. This board is able to generate pulses up to 160 Vpp. 
  • An optional acquisition board, capable of storing raw (pre-beamforming) data from the individual probe array elements into a 36GB DRAM, has been developed (see also: E. Boni et al. A high performance board for acquisition of 64-channel ultrasound RF data, 2012 IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium Proceedings, pp.2067-2070).
  • Matlab® classes have been developed to test in quasi-real-time novel elaboration techniques. The classes can be exploited by a Matlab script to start the real-time software, to freeze or to un-freeze the system, to save a data file and to later read it. Furthermore they can be used to send a keyboard shortcut key-code to the application for parameter setting.
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